How To Download Videos from Sohu

What is and how do I use it? helps you to download Videos or Music from any Website to your Desktop Computer, Tablet Computer or Mobile Phone. With our Downloader it is very easy to download any desired Video or Music from the Internet.

How do I use How do I download from Sohu?

How do I download the Video or Music File?

If you have inserted the Sohu link in the search field and pressed the search button or the enter key, the download page will appear. On the download page you can download the video in different qualities. Depending on the quality you want, select the appropriate download button.

Windows/Linux: Right-click the download button. If you use Google Chrome, select the option "Save link as ...". If you use Mozilla FireFox, select the option "Save target as ...".

Android Phones/Tablets: Click the download button and hold it down until a menu appears. Then select the "Download link" option.

Mac/IPhone/IPad: Click the download button and keep it pressed until a menu appears. Then select the "Download linked file" option.